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Ok so here is a million dollar question. How do I feed my allergic child?

My child has numerous food allergies including milk , eggs and fish.
These are the main ones but we also notice some reactions to foods like soy , nuts sometimes even beef and chicken.
The blood test showed positive to basically everything and the reason for it is clear – body is so inflamed that it shows reaction to practically everything. Now what should I feed my child ?
After visiting many allergists , dermatologists etc. we learned about two totally opposite approaches to this situation.
     #1  Keep the child away from everything , I mean literally everything . Let your child just have  rice and a rice drink. Or even better, just start him with pure anti-allergy formula (like Neocate ) and then little by little add more foods. Just one  new food once every couple of weeks and see the reaction . This way you will be sure what’s your child allergic to and what’s not.
     #2  Give your child basically everything to eat . Let him react here or there , let him get a  bit red a bit itchy . As long as he is not having a severe reaction . So lets say you know your child is highly allergic to milk and fish then just keep him away from milk and fish but give him chicken , beef  ,potatoes, soy etc. even if he will get some redness or itching.
Now lets analyze #1 vs #2 . in #1 you guarantee no allergic reaction , but it’s a very slow progress. Meanwhile your child is suffering without any nutrition’s and vitamins . #2 he does get all the nutrition’s but he constantly gets minor allergic reactions. What is more important ? Is it more important for child’s grows to have more nutrition’s or is it more important to keep a 100% clear from any possible allergies ?
And here is  another million dollar question.  Is it better to eat mildly allergic foods and this way the immune system will get used of it , or eating even mildly allergic foods will only trigger the allergies to get much worse ?
Is it better to stay 100 % clear from any possible food  allergies ( this way the immune system will get stronger) or may be, not letting your immune system deal with allergies will only make one more sensitive to allergies .
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  1. Curioso says:

    yeah, soy, tofu, they dont serve eggs as that is an animal, i would say you are aleigrlc to clorophyll. But dont eat anything green around your friend, i wonder if its even possible to be aleigrlc to that . . .PS i looked it up, you can have an intolerance to it . . .but reading other people’s answers . . . assuming you are trying to impress a boy why start the relationship off like that? Also, some vegitarian food is actually really good, I hate health food but raw veggies and even tofurky is really pretty good, plus those people can make soups that are amazing . . .

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